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I will sell an e-book on education research methods that has the following information:


Book Author:  Udofot Robson Umoh

Number of pages: 318;

Font size:  12;

Line Spacing: single line spacing

Number of Chapter: sixteen (16)chapters 

The book has been proofread and approved by the following University authorities:

1.      Professor Mfonobon Umoh Obong-Director of Research and Planning-UNIUYO

2.      Professor .F. Owodoikut-UNIUYO

3.      Dr. Udo-UNIUYO

4.      Dr. Usoro, E. (HOD)Department of Statistics) Akwa Ibom State University




Effective and sound management of schools and classrooms solely depends on research. Every teacher/lecturers, educational administrator, principals of schools needs educational or academic research order to attain the best in lesson preparation, producing the best in students’ learning and for effective management of the school.

The text is written for students in higher institution of learning, research paper writers, teachers, educators, schools and governments who intend to embrace research as activity of findings, discovering and solving educational problems.

The text is prepared in such a way that all the students in the faculty of education and other faculties will find it useful in conducting a successful research since academic research is one of the requirements for obtaining Bachelor’s degree

The idea behind this text was prompted by the need to provide concrete reasons why educational research is pertinent and indispensable to those who want to start or succeed in operating their schools.

Based on my many years of intensive study, experience and supervision of student’s researches and theses, I have been able to make this text very simple and concise and simple English language with step-by-step guide to the student-researchers, business investors and business consultants to carry out a successful research and statistical computations of data with less or no supervision. Simple and real life illustrations and examples have been judiciously selected in the field of education to stimulate thoughts of the reader or students towards developing their skills in computations, data analysis and decision making.

For the fact that educational research needs data collection and analysis (especially, when data are voluminous) to arrive at prudent and intelligent decisions, the book has treated step-by-step use of computerized software Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) and Microsoft Excel application software in analyzing business and economic data.

Many sensitive research topics in educational or academic situations (with detail illustrations) have been judiciously selected to stimulate students’ and teachers’ understanding.

The text is arranged in chapters. Chapter one discusses and examines the meaning and characteristics of research and educational research considering basic and applied approach, qualitative and quantitative research. Chapter two examines educational research designs (historical research design, descriptive research design, exploratory research design, experimental research design, ex post facto research design). Chapter three discusses on how to write: The project or thesis proposal, The background of the study, how to develop the statement of the problem, formulate the purpose and objectives of the study, the justification and significance of the study, the assumption of the study, the limitation and delimitation of the study, define of related terms used in the study. Chapter four presents intensively on how to write theoretical review/background, conceptual review, empirical review, summary of literature review. Chapter five examines how to write the research design, the  area of the study, the populations of the study, the sample and sampling technique, factors that affect sample size determination, determining sample size using Taro (1967), how to write statistical treatment of data. Chapter six elucidates the various research instruments used in educational research. Chapter seven contains; editing, coding, classifying, tabulation, statistical graphs and diagrams (pictograms, piechart, barchart, histogram, and frequency polygon). Chapter eight discusses on how to compute central tendency (mean, median mode,). Chapter nine discusses treats the measures of dispersion in educational research and computation (range, mean, deviation and computations, standard deviation and computations, coefficient or variance). Chapter ten the inferential statistical tools and techniques used in educational research with practical illustrations and computation (Covariance, ANOVA, regression, correlation, t-test, Chi-square, MANOVA, Spearman Rank correlation, etc.). Chapter eleven and twelve describe practically the computerized data analysis in educational research methods with computerized data analysis using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) and Electronic Spreadsheet Management System. Chapter thirteen shows how to data analysis and interpret results. Chapter fourteen describes how to write the summary, conclusion, recommendations, suggestions for further studies and implication to the study. Chapter fifteen elucidates the significance of educational research to teachers, school and educational administrators. Chapter sixteen, which is the last the chapter shows how to write the project/thesis (dissertation) prefatory section (Cover page, Declaration, Certification, Dedication, Acknowledgements, abstract, and referencing. 

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